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63 Addicting Construct 2 HTMl5 Games with Capx in 1 Bundle | HTML5 and iOS and Android

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Version Download: 21 January 21

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License: Unlimited websites
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  • Construct 2 Games with Capx
  • HTML5
  • Source code included
  • Easy to personalize the game’s sounds
  • Easy to personalize the game’s appearance
  • Can be used in mobile devices & websites
  • Works on all HTML5 browsers

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You don’t need to use game engine to reskin the game. Just replace default images with what you want using an image editor software. If you need help in reskining the game, feel free to contact us via Email.


This bundle includes 63 construct 2 Games (Capx) with different subjects and themes that are suitable for a wide variety of players. Here are short descriptions of some of the included products:

You are a small fish who is at the very bottom of food chain in oceans!

Pay attention and be quick to shoot the ball at the right time!

In this flappy game, you control 2 choppers at the same time.

You control two jet fighters in this game, simultaneously! Your jets will shoot automatically and you just have to move them to dodge obstacles and destroy enemies! If either one of your jets is destroyed, you will lose.

An interesting and very challenging car game!

Turn the center squares so it matches the other.

Gather the balls with the same color and earn as much score as you can!

Stuck in a box, you have to do your best to avoid objects that enter the screen. Just be careful, because you move in a very weird way! Do your best and score as high as you can.

You play as an AA gun (!) and have to protect your island base from invading airplanes.

Keep dodging the falling bricks for as long as possible.

Circle around the world for as many times as you can!

Control your space ship in a weird space-time environment and destroy as many enemies as you can!

Jump over the small square and avoid hitting it as long as you can!

A classic pinball game with an interesting twist!

You are an alien stuck in a room with a bomb throwing device which throws a bouncing bomb every few seconds! These bombs will explode if you touch them or after a few seconds. Your goal is to survive in this room as long as you can!

Your aim is to collect boxes that enter the screen.

Move the obstacles and orbit as long as you can!

Rotate the circle and keep the ball bouncing.

Rotate the circle to match the ball’s color and keep the ball bouncing!

Orbit around the circle and dodge the spikes!

You are the last line of defense against enemy’s air invasion to your city!

The clock has started ticking, but are you fast enough?

You are hungry and have to eat all the food that is thrown your way! Just open your mouth and keep eating the foods!

Color all tiles with the same color in 22 moves or less!

Change the balls color and keep moving inside the square for as long as possible!

Be quick and match the clock’s hand with the circle color!

A simple yet challenging ping pong game with a different gameplay!

You are an alien stuck in a room with other aliens who are trying to kill you! Some of them crawl on the ground toward you and others jump and you must avoid touching them or you will die! But note that survival is not your only goal.

In this game, you control a ball and have to do your best to avoid touching spikes and getting exploded!

You have to prevent the poor ball from escaping the dungeon.

You are stuck in an electric cage with your space ship and have to dodge incoming electric balls and avoid hitting cage walls in order to survive!

Change your color and gather the falling balls with the same color!

Another Flappy game! In this game you control a flappy bee and like always (!), you have to tap the screen and avoid obstacles as you move forward. This game is made with Construct 2 engine.

Another Flappy game! In this game you control a flappy bat and like always (!), you have to tap the screen and avoid obstacles (pillar) as you move forward.

Shoot the Halloween pumpkin heads before they get you and survive for as long as you can!

A flappy game with Halloween theme and witches and spiders in it!

This Halloween, avoid obstacles and keep going forward!

Move around the rectangular and travel as much as you can!

Eat circles with lower number than yourself and avoid others for as long as you can!

You control a cannon placed on top of the screen. There are also many blue and red balls on the screen and you have to shoot and destroy all red balls to win each level. You can also destroy the blue ones to earn more score.

You control two shapes and can change them by touching sides of the screen or using arrow and mouse keys.

Avoid obstacles and keep going forward!

The circle moves with random speeds and you are stuck on top of it. The only problem is the single obstacle that is on this circle and causes you trouble when it moves, because you will lose when you hit it. So, pay attention to its rotation speed and jump over it to earn score.

In this game, you control a plane which shoots and moves forward automatically.

A simple but very challenging game!

You have to prevent the ball from exiting the glass room.

In this Hold up game, you have to kick the ball and hold it in the air as much as possible.

Bees are very hardworking insects and produce lots of honey, but their aiming skill is not very well and so they can also waste lots of honey!

Hardworking bees are gathering honey, but you are a hungry bear and you have to eat something too!

Punch the boxes as hard as you can!

Keep the ball inside the circle for as long as possible.

Escape the jet fighter and survive as long as you can!

Cleanse the rain drops and save the sea from pollution!

You control an alien spaceship and have to take off from an alien planet! But there are many obstacles on your way and you have to avoid hitting or otherwise you will fall to the ground.

This is a swing game in which you control a chopper.

You are a fisherman who is catching some fish.

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